Saudi Arabia to host Yemen donor conference on June 2

Saudi Arabia will host a donor conference to support Yemen on June 2. (KSRelief)

Arab News
Monday . May 11, 2020
The Kingdom’s hosting of the conference is an extension of its humanitarian contributions to Yemen and elsewhere in the world
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia will host a donor conference to support Yemen on June 2, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The conference will be held virtually in partnership with the United Nations as the Arab world’s poorest country battles widespread hunger and disease.

The event, being held under King Salman’s directives, serves as an extension of Saudi Arabia’s global humanitarian and development contribution. The Kingdom is urging other donor countries to participate.

In the past five years, Saudi Arabia has been the top donor in supporting Yemenis in their country, including those internally displaced, as well as Yemeni refugees in neighboring countries.

The Kingdom also provides ongoing development assistance for reconstruction in Yemen, including direct support to its Central Bank.
A total of 474 projects have been launched in Yemen by the King Salman Humanitarian and Aid Relief Center (KSRelief) at a total cost of $3 billion over a period of five years, with health and food security being the top project sectors.


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  1. I wrote this comment on Arab News. Let’s see if they publish it:

    sorry to say, but would it not be wiser to just finish this war ? Saudi and all coalition troops should get out. No arms should be supplied to any party. Let the Yemenis sort out their political disagreements among themselves. (better with their swords than imported modern weapons).
    And, as Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of the war, why ask any other countries to contribute in humanitarian relief? You caused the casualties (mainly) so please pay also.

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