German state financial minister kills himself over coronavirus ‘despair’

Source: New York Post

By Jackie Salo

A German state finance minister took his own life after expressing “despair” over how to handle the economic fallout from coronavirus, an official said.

Thomas Schaefer, who was the finance minister of Germany’s Hesse region, was found dead by suicide Saturday on railway tracks at Hochheim, which is near Frankfurt.

State governor Volker Bouffier said Sunday that the 54-year-old had become consumed with how to handle the coronavirus crisis sending the global markets into freefall.

He said Schaefer was particularly concerned about “whether it would be possible to succeed in fulfilling the population’s huge expectations, particularly of financial help.”

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  1. Most people who dose not believe in God will be despair or huge stress. Or those who fear death because he love this world very much also will be despair and huge stress

    Those who believe in God and trust on God will be calm, and pray for God’s blessing. He is always walking with God.

    That is my suggestion to those who despair or stress to face Coronavirus.

    Will love ❤️

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