Neighbours in Lahore allegedly murdered a 11 year old Ahmadi boy

An 11-year-old Ahmadi boy was allegedly killed by his neighbours on February 27 in Shahdra. According to the Ahmadi community’s monthly report on its persecution, the victim’s dead body was found in a steel trunk in the accused’s apartment last month.

The report further says that the victim’s mother had asked him to go to the accused’s house to get back his sister’s doll which she had forgotten there. When the boy did not return home, his mother went to the neighbour’s house to look for him. According to the report, the neighbours told the victim’s mother that they had no knowledge about her son.

He was later found dead in the neighbour’s apartment. Further, the neighbour woman told the visitors who had come for condolence that the slain boy’s family was atheist.



The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’ response

We are at total loss how to deal with this!

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