Everything you thought you knew about UK immigration is wrong

In the first piece of a new series, Minnie Rahman explains why we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for migrants’ rights by telling the truth. And there’s no better time to do so than right now

yths around migration are so common that it’s difficult to tell where reality ends and the truth begins. Politicians from across the spectrum still claim that those with “legitimate concerns” have not had their voices heard, despite the fact that misconceptions around migration are predominant in the media, and that statistics show time and again that people come to the UK for a range of reasons.
Rarely does the public understand what moving to the UK is like. But every day, people’s lives, families and communities are torn apart by a tangled mess of rules, a chaotic Home Office and a hostile environment – and these are the voices we rarely hear.

The simple truth about migration is that people move. They always have and always will. But at a time when immigration reform is high on the government’s agenda, it’s vital that we challenge the myths that are so prevalent in our discourse. After Brexit, our new migration system must be based on evidence, not cynical scapegoating.



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  1. Very simple solution

    When your friend let you to stay in his house, do you ask your friend that your right and his right are the same?

    My advice is you have to adopt his tradition, if you cannot leave his house. It is simple.

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