The Gambia: Lasso Wharf imam signals Ahmadis are threat to Islam

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Creed of Islam or Kalimah should define and unite all Muslims — After all by reading Kalimah non-Muslims accept Islam. There is far more that unities each and every Muslim than separates us

Source: The Point

Monday, March 2, 2020

Imam Ebrima Sillah of Lasso Wharf mosque in Banjul South has said that the Ahmadiyya Jamaatul Muslim sect is a threat to Islam in The Gambia.

Imam Sillah was speaking during his 28 February 2020 Friday sermon, in which he alleged that the Ahmadiyya sect was brought to The Gambia by two people from Nigeria during the time of Farama Singhateh. But it has spread all over the country and majority of them are from the Muslim communities.

According to him, the Muslim name the Ahmadiyyas are using as cover-up should change “because they are non-believers.”

He said many Gambians followed the Ahmadiyyas as a result of their wealth and they became influential by giving out monies and bags of rice.

Imam Sillah has called on the entire Muslims in The Gambia to distance themselves from the Ahmadiyyas and have faith in God and believe that Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet sent by Allah and there will be no other prophet after as he is the seal of the prophets.

Author: Ismaila Sonko


The Muslim Times’ Editor’s Note:

It is of course ‘fake news’ that the Ahmadiyya Jama’at gains followers by handing out rice or anything else. On the contrary, members old and new are encouraged to make monthly donations for their own spiritual benefit   poor looser, this Imam.

Mr. Trawally – Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at The Gambia

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  1. These anti-Ahmadi Muslims never invite our Jama’at to a civilized public debate to make their point and give us a chance to reply to their false allegations. Are they so ignorant and suffer from no confidence in their own beliefs that they are afraid of having such public debates?

    What is their problem? All over the world – on one hand they give fatwas to their followers labeling Ahmadis as non-muslim, etc., but NOWHERE have these daft mullahs and imams EVER confronted our jama’at with a challenge to a public debate.

    Also, these imams and mullahs are so afraid of losing their hold over the masses that they need such speeches to create such discord among their followers. What a sorry state of affairs!

    If, as they believe, they are right, they should ALWAYS be looking forward to such debates rather than inciting the semi- and ignorant Muslims with their hateful and fiery public discourses.

    Many years ago before I became an Ahmadi, a ship’s captain whom I had the opportunity of meeting and who, in retrospect, I believe must have been an Ahmadi, taught me a very important lesson to apply to anything in life. This was to always question and ask ‘WHY’, which is what finally led me to the right path, Alhamdulillah.

    ….. and I am still asking ‘why’ to find new answers….

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