Saudi Arabia wants Israeli forces to be held accountable

Source: Arab News

Riyadh reiterates support to UN initiatives for peace

Flag of Saudi Arabia has a sword and creed of Islam: There is no god but (the One) God (Allah), Muhammad is God’s messenger. Suggested reading: The Muslim Times’ Collection to Show, Islam or the Holy Quran are Not Anti-Semitic

RIYADH: The Cabinet on Tuesday called on the international community to ensure the protection of the Palestinian people against Israeli atrocities.

The weekly session, chaired by King Salman in Riyadh, stressed the need for Israel to respect international laws and implement relevant international resolutions.

Reiterating Saudi Arabia’s support for the Palestinian cause, the Cabinet demanded the Israeli forces be held accountable for its actions against the Palestinians.

The Cabinet highlighted the Kingdom’s hosting of the second Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum, which underlined the Kingdom’s pioneering role in providing relief to people affected by wars and disasters throughout the world.

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7 replies

  1. When thousands of rockets are fired from Gaza on defenseless Israeli children you say nothing.
    When Gaza and the Palestinians officially say the only good Jew is a dead Jew you say nothing.
    When democratic Saudi Arabia denounces the Jewish state of Israel you say nothing.

    Israel with its Muslim judges, Knesset members and professionals of the Muslim faith who live open , free and enjoy a high standard of living you gloss over.

    It pains me to say that you consciously and probably unconsciously hate Jews. You subscribe to the verses in the Koran which demonize Jews where trees and rocks say kill the Jew.

    Your epaper is singing to an audience which is anti semitic and you thrive on this.

    • thousand of rockets. sounds frightening. most of them are like toys. how many casualties did they cause? How many casualties does one Israeli rocket cause>=? Yes of course, your technology is much better, both for peaceful purposes and especially for militant purposes.

      Yes, we appreciate that Israel is treating its Arab citizens better than it treats the ones in its occupied territories, although not quite equal, but a lot better anyway. Yes, we appreciate how Israel is treating our Ahmadi brothers and sisters in Kababir, Haifa. Well done.

      Your ‘hating Jews’ thing is totally outdated and at its end of usefulness. You people have tried that for the past 70 years or so, should I repeat again. I do not hate Jews, but I am annoyed at people like you who, correctly state that Israel is treating its Arab citizens a bit better and just ignores how totally horrible it is treating those of the occupied territories, including the ones in the Gaza jail.

      Anti semitic ? Again: this accusation is stopping to be effective. It is your ‘last resort’, because you know full well how the Israeli Government keeps treating the people in the occupied territories less than second class citizens.

      We are for justice for all. As a start please help me to urge the Israeli Government to treat the persons in the occupied territories in the same way as it treats its own Arab citizens. That would be a good start.


      • Having said all that, about the ‘toys’ from Gaza, I really think all militant actions are silly from all sides. What I would say is that all Palestinian refugees, three millions are so, should march to their old homes, irrespective of how many hundreds of thousands the Israeli army will kill. I mean they should return unarmed. Silly, may be. just saying >>>

  2. KSA try to advice Israel :
    Saudi Arabia wants Israeli forces to be held accountable

    Who kill thousand Yemen children??
    Rafiq. Can you respond honestly?

    Turkey Erdogan also tried to advice Israel about Gaza case
    But Erdogan him self has been killing innocent Syria dan Kurdis

    They are hypocrite, God condemn the hypocrite leaders

    • We are balanced. We condemn all killings, whether by KSA in Yemen or by Israel in Gaza and the occupied territories. Somi only blames one side all the time. We blame all aggressors.

    • I want every ones armed forces to be accountable. KSA’s and Israel’s too. Somi wants to have only KSA’s armed forces to be accountable and Israel’s can do whatever they like. Somi’s sense of justice.

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