Religious tolerance in Lombok, Indonesia

iJust to say in these days of Hindu Muslim riots in India: In strongly Muslim Lombok, Indonesia, just in front of my house, across the street, we have a Hindu temple. Local Hindus come from time to time for their worship. In town we also have Churches, both Catholic and Protestant, and Christian schools. All peaceful besides hundreds of mosques. Having said all that only Ahmadis have some problems, but this not on Pakistani scale.

The temple is located in a corner of the Holiday Resort. The Muslim owner wanted to show his tolerance. He also built a Mosque across the street.  For more information why not visit the Holiday Resort website:   

First photo is across the street from my house. The temple is inside the greenery.


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  1. Quote— Ahmadis have some problems, but this not on Pakistani scale.——

    What is your problem? They destroy your home? They ban you to worship?

    As I said— Ahmadiyah and Jews are the same problem, the problem come from the Islamic radical intolerance Scholars.

    How do you face that problem in your city?
    Let us know!

    • They do not ban Ahmadis to worship in Lombok. I am attending Friday prayers regularly. A Mosque is under construction, next to the Government’s Residence.

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