Over 400 Dalits Converted to Islam


Kaaba in Mecca.  Suggested reading: Science and Monotheism

The sudden spate of conversions of Dalits to Islam has been attributed to a wall collapse incident in Mettupalayam, where 17 people lost their lives.

By Poornima Murali | CNN-News18

Around 400 Dalits from Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu have converted to Islam, claimed a Dalit outfit named Tamil Puligal Katchi. The outfit said that since January 5 around 40 families have converted and that the process is still going on.

Referring to an incident of wall collapse in Mettupalayam on December 2, Ilavenil, State Secretary of Tamil Puligal Katchi said, “The death of 17 people in Mettupalayam is the reason behind the conversions. These people like the religion and perform their prayers regularly. They also visit the mosques regularly.”

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  1. Most of the Christians in india and Pakistan came from this cast and converted to Christianity during the colonial times for the same reasons.

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