The First European Scholars Were Taught By Africans In Egypt (Read Full History)

Again and again, documented historical evidence has shattered widely held views that Europeans were the pioneers of early human civilization. In fact, there is corroborative evidence that half of humanity’s recorded history has passed before anyone in Europe could even learn to read and write.



Religious priests in Egypt began keeping records as far back as 4000 to 3000 BC, compared to two thousand years later, when Homer’s poems were still being handed down orally within the confines of the Greek city-states. Sometime after 3000 BC when the pharaohs of Egypt were in the process of building their first world-renowned pyramids, Europeans were piling up nothing more than mountains of rubbish heaps.

History reveals that famous well known Greeks (Europeans) whom we study their history and writings, studied at the feet of Egyptian scholars along the Nile Valley, Kemet. For instance, Philosopher Plato was a student at the Temple of Waset for 11 years. Also, Aristotle was a student there for 11-13 years.

Even Socrates spent at least 15 years at the same temple; likewise, Euclid, who studied for 10-11 years at the same temple. Pythagoras spent 22 years there. Hippocrates studied there for 20 years, plus a host of other little known Greeks who matriculated at Waset, among whom are Diodorus, Solon, Thales, Archimedes, and Euripides.
In fact, the Greek scholar, St. Clement of Alexandria, once said that if one were to list out the names of all the Greeks who studied under Egyptian tutors, a 1,000 paged book won’t be enough. Even Herodotus mentioned it, same with Plato and Aristotle.



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