Iceland Bans Or Restricts These Religious Practices

Source: Patheos

Iceland is a North Atlantic island country. Originally settled by Vikings, this nation was far enough away from Europe and North America to develop without too much interference. While Australia’s isolation was instrumental to the development of its unique fauna and flora, Iceland’s remoteness helped it develop a quirky culture. This quirky culture is firmly grounded in secularism. Since Donald Trump took office, Iceland responded by protecting its godless culture.

Here are some of the restrictions the government placed on religious extremism.

Christians Are Prohibited From Several Tourist Sites

For quite some time some Christian tourists behaved poorly. They did not adhere to the secular nature of the island’s society. A government report illustrated typical problems:

One tour group of American evangelicals littered a pagan shrine with Chick tracts — short evangelical morality stories told in a comic book format. A family of Southern Baptists smuggled in a Christian televangelist into the country. The family and the minister were deported immediately in accordance with the Icelandic Psychological Defense Act. One Calvinist created a stir at a Starbucks because the barista got the name wrong for his coffee order — Jesus Billionaire Kanye West .

In 2019 the country passed The Iceland Heritage Defense Act (IDHA).

The IDHA strictly prohibits Christians from entering the following locations:


Pagan sites


Women health centers

Richard Dawkins Monument To Reason

Hot water springs

While controversial, the IDHA did what it was designed to do. Locals are far less irritated with visitors.

Southern Baptist Churches Are Considered Terrorist Organizations

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  1. This is actually a satirical article. I suggest you either add a comment to that effect or remove the article from your website, as it could give the wrong impression. Please see this web page by the author of the article.

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