Bangladesh: Lajna Ima’illah organizes a free Medical Camp for the people of Mirpur in Dhaka – A Report

Service to mankind is service to God. Islam totally believes in it because second half of Islamic Shariah is ‘Serving Makind’, the first half being ‘Worship of God’.

*Lajna Ima’illah refers to the Women’s Auxiliary Organization of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.


Accordingly on 20 January 2019 a free medical camp was organized for the people of Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Lajna Ima’illah Mirpur.

The program started at 3 pm & ended at 5:30 pm.


President of Lajna Ima’illah Mirpur lead the prayers.

3 doctors (1 allopathy, 1 homeo & 1 Unani) along with Lajna volunteers, all joined in the effort and offered their services for free.


Over 39 female patients were given free medical services.

The patients expressed their satisfaction and requested us to arrange the camp again.

— End of Report —

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