‘My caliphate promotes love, not hate’: The 24-year-old imam on a mission to change the way the world sees Islam

Most would agree that the best weapon in the fight against Islamophobia is education. But for Adeel Shah, as he tells Sam Hancock, a change of heart can come from the simplest conversation


Source: independent.co.uk

The day after the Westminster attack in 2017, Adeel Shah, along with 500 other Ahmadiyya Muslims, went to the bridge where Khalid Masood had killed five people, wearing a blue T-shirt with the slogan: “I’m a Muslim, ask me anything.” Shah and his “brothers and sisters” stood in a line, held hands and encouraged people to ask them questions about Islam – about the religion Masood had claimed to commit this act of terror in the name of. Press from all around the world captured the historic move made by the Ahmadiyya community – and it was met with both understanding and hostility.


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