Ahmadiyyas fear losing mosque as threat continues

Our Correspondent . Brahmanbaria | Published: 00:23, Jan 17,2020

The Brahmanbaria chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Bangladesh on Thursday alleged that they continued to face threats from sectarian people.

In a press release issued Thursday they called on civil society members and law enforcement agencies to work together to prevent the sectarian people from attacking peaceful Ahmadiyya community.

The sectarian people threatened to occupy the Ahmadiyaa mosque at Kandipara and say juma prayers there on next Friday.

Ahmadiyaa community members said that a call to attend Friday prayer in the Ahmadiyaa mosque was being made from different mosques in the district town.

The Kandipara Ahmadiyaa mosque was vandalised on Tuesday spreading rumours that several madrassah students were beaten up by Ahmadiyaas.

The press release said that Ahmadiyyas were peace loving people who always avoid the path that lead to seek vengeance.

It said that Ahmadiyyas never sought revenge for injustices done to them rather followed the path of love.

For instance, said the press release, sectarian force in Brahmanbaria occupied four of their mosques in 1987.

None of the mosques were returned to the Ahmadiyaas and the latest move was to occupy yet another one of their mosque, said the press release.

Brahmanbaria superintendent of police Anisur Rahman told New Age that the Tuesday’s attack was led by Jamia Islamia Yunusia Madrassah students who said that they did not announce any programmes like walking to the Ahmadiyaa mosque for Friday prayers.

He said that the police would ensure peace in the area.


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