ISRAEL HAYOM NEWS: ‘ Roots of Islamic terrorism run deep ‘

Editor’s Note:    Yes, we should know and read what the Israelis are taught by their ‘scholars’.  Here an article from


Yoram Ettinger
Yoram Ettinger is a former Israeli ambassador and served as congressional affairs liaison in the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

Islamic terrorism has been a systematic feature of intra-Arab and intra-Muslim politics since the 7th century. Western democracies cannot expect it to be kinder to the infidel than it has been to believers.

by Yoram Ettinger Published on 12-16-2019

The Dec. 6 murder of three US soldiers at the Pensacola Naval Air Station by a Saudi Islamic terrorist was independent of US policy in the Middle East and beyond, as indeed all previous cases of anti-US and anti-Western Islamic terrorism have been.

For instance, Iran’s ayatollahs launched an anti-US terror wave in 1979, while the United States supported the ayatollahs’ ascension to power and betrayed the shah of Iran. Another example: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s intense support of Muslim Brotherhood terrorism, which has targeted the United States and all pro-US Arab regimes, is aimed at advancing Erdoğan’s vision of reestablish the Ottoman Empire and undermining US interests. This in spite of Turkey’s NATO membership and the multi-year, mega-billion dollar US investment in Turkey’s national security since 1947.

Neither are Islamic rage and anti-Western terrorism driven by economic, social, or educational goals.

The roots of the Islamic rage against Western culture in general, and against the United States in particular, lie in a worldview which precedes American declaration of independence in 1776, and also the 1620 landing of the early Pilgrims in New England.

According to proffesor Bernard Lewis, a world-leading expert on Islam and the Middle East, the anti-Western Islamic rage represents the current edition of a clash of civilizations: “Muslims from an early date recognized a genuine rival – a competing world religion. … This was Christendom. … The struggle between these rival systems has now lasted for some 14 centuries. It began with the advent of Islam, in the 7th century. … It has consisted of a long series of attacks and counterattacks, Jihads and crusades, conquests and re-conquests. … America had become the archenemy, the incarnation of evil, the diabolic opponent of all that is good, and specifically, for Muslims, of Islam.”

The roots of the religious, cultural, political, legal and military Islamic treatment of the “infidel,” especially the dhimmi (the infidel under Islamic rule), derive from the Koran-based Pact of Umar, the second Caliph (following Muhammad), who has been a role model of Islamic leadership. The Pact of Umar was extended to infidels in areas conquered by Muslims. It ensured the “protected” – inferior – status of infidels, who paid a special tax (jizya – “safety tax”) and submitted themselves to the rule of Islam, which is, supposedly, the only legitimate religion, divinely-ordained to rule humanity.



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4 replies

  1. Just saying. Ettinger sounds German. So why he and his family have to come and steal Palestinian lands?

    It reminds me: when Churchill told the old King Saud that ‘we have to give the Jews Land in Palestine because the Germans murdered many of them. King Saud replied: ‘if that is so and you say you are going to win the war why not let the Jews choose the best part of Germany for their new land?.

    Sounds logical to me.

  2. Jews should just be rounded up and moved to Canada by all the Islamic nations so they can stand trial for neglecting God.

    Can’t run around screaming you’re the chosen ones if you don’t even know who your own God is type of reality. 😂

    • cannot follow your argument. I never talk against ‘Jews’. I may talk against Israeli offenses against human rights, targeting innocent civilians and all that. Nothing religious. ‘For you your religion and for me my religion’ (or no religion). Allah will judge that kind of thing in the next life.

      • Good job only one can talk against them and get away with it daily anyways.

        There is no next life which is why Allah judges now, everyday, all day long because there is nothing better to do.

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