Ayodhya flashback: When Muslim Nawabs built Hindu temples

Hindu priests and historians say rulers of Avadh region promoted and nurtured harmony

Source: The Gulf News

By Bobby Naqvi, UAE Editor

Ayodhya: Long before the bitter Babri Masjid-Ram temple issue began to cause social fissures and trigger sectarian violence in India, Muslim rulers of Avadh region built, patronised and protected Hindu temples, a powerful Hindu priest and historians told Gulf News.

One of the 12 provinces under the Mughal empire, the Avadh region included Ayodhya and was ruled by Nawabs from 1722 onward from capital Faizabad. During the rule of Shuja-ud-Daula, the third ruler of Avadh, relations between Hindus and Muslims were harmonious and official gazettes and history books have recorded examples of rich bonding between the two communities. At a time when the dominant narrative seeks to widen fissures in the society, researchers and writers told Gulf News that the glorious history of Avadh Nawabs must be retold to fight attempts to divide people.

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  1. How can a temple be built for Rama – who was,as per the Ramayana –

    DELETED> because it could hurt the feelings of our Hindu brothers …

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