French president says Muslim hijab ‘not my business’


President Macron.  The Muslim Times is promoting modest dress as well as secularism in every country of the world

Source: The Connexion

President Emmanuel Macron has said that it is “not his business” whether Muslim women wear a hijab in public spaces – but that it “is his business” when it comes to public services.

The President commented on the row over the hijab that has erupted in the French government in recent weeks, and sought to clarify his position when asked.

Speaking at the Choose La Réunion summit in the French island department, he said: “[Whether someone] wears a hijab in a public space is not my business. [But] wearing a hijab in public services, in schools, when we are educating our children, is my business.

“In public services, we have a duty of neutrality. When we are educating our children, we ask that there are no ostentatious signs of religion. Apart from that, what happens in the public space, is not the business of the State or of the President of the Republic.”

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