Another Hijab Furor Hits France, Over a Mother on a School Trip

“Not here, not today,” a French politician told a woman wearing a head scarf. A photograph of her crying son went viral.

Source: The New York Times


A heated debate over France’s values reignited across the country this week, the latest fight in a culture war that has raged for years in universities, the halls of government and even on the beach.

This time, it started with a mother wearing a hijab on a school trip.

During the visit last week, in the central city of Dijon, one of the politicians, Julien Odoul, asked that the woman uncover herself.

“Madame has ample time to wear her veil at home, on the street, but not here, not today,” he said, citing France’s values of secularism, known as laïcité.


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  1. Is it not a waste of time and energy for so-called civilized countries to engage in this hijab debate to such an extent, Muslims are there to stay, so why instead of talking about real true integration we are talking about why someone does not fit.

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