Who are more tolerant, the Sunnis or the Shias?

Rafiq Tschannen at Al Khadaumiya Mosque and Shrine in Baghdad.  The Muslim Times has the best collection to overcome sectarian divide among the Muslims

Well, let me speak here of my personal experience during my time in Baghdad, Iraq.  (For more details see: https://themuslimtimes.info/2017/08/24/glimpses-into-the-life-of-a-global-nomad-part-nine/comment-page-1/ )

I give you a few examples of my inter-action with Shias of every level of the society in Baghdad:

(1)    Once during a days long meeting after lunch and before the next session of meetings started I went with His Excellency the Minister of Displacement and Migration of Iraq, to his room to say my Zuhr prayers. His Secretary prepared the prayer mat for me and automatically put the round stone from Karbala (or is it Najaf?) at the location where my forehead would come down. His Excellency the Minister saw it and quickly stepped forward saying ‘he does not need this’.

(2)   Another time one senior Officer from the same Ministry took me to a Shia Mosque and Shrine. As I folded my arms in prayers, as Sunnis do, all Shias present could see that I am not Shia. No one minded. My friend and guide then introduced me to the Imam of the Mosque and other Mosque officials. They were all happy to meet me (knowing that I was not Shia). They asked if they could video-tape an interview with me and were happy when I accepted.

(3)   During another occasion some ten members of the Iraqi Parliament came to my office in Amman, Jordan, for a meeting on displacement and migration. We had an interesting meeting and they departed. Shortly afterwards I got a phone call that we realized that you are a Muslim. ‘May we please come and meet you again?’.   Out of the party of ten, nine came to meet me again just because they were happy that I was a Swiss Muslim. Again, knowing that I was not Shia.

I do not think that this tolerance and happiness would extend from Saudi Sunnis towards Shias, whether their own Saudi Shias or others.

This is just my personal experience and views.

May Allah be our guide and helper at all times.   Amin.

Rafiq A. Tschannen, Alhaji …


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  1. Lamis Abdul Jaleel We in Amman also never recognized Shias are different all moslems are moslems praying for one God alhamdulilah . But all the issue created by hidden hands using non intelligent poor minded people. Allah yerhamna (copied from FaceBook)

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