Mike Pence is pitting Christians against the rest over abortion – but he is also getting help from many on the left

It is not the beliefs of people like Pence which cause anger; but the way those beliefs transfer into action and into laws which discriminate against individuals in their day to day lives

Will Gore
The Independent Voices

Mike Pence is a fairly easy person to ridicule; what with his perennial, little boy half-smile and the background hovering that is the lot of all American vice presidents.

His weekend speech to students at the private Liberty University, in which he told them to prepare to be shunned for their beliefs, seems on the face of it as ridiculous as the Pence pea-head.

The VP’s contention appeared to be that evangelical Christians like himself, whose conservative beliefs set them against such things as abortion and LGBT+ lifestyles, are no longer safe to practise their faith in modern-day America – for fear or being discriminated against by a progressive, liberal media and political establishment.

Coming from the second most powerful man in America, there is an intrinsic absurdity to such a notion – especially when the only individual with more power than Pence has shown himself broadly amenable to policies which will win the approval of the Christian right.

And, as has been widely noted, the trend at state level is for the rolling back (or attempted reversal) of progressive legislation when it comes to women’s reproductive rights.



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