All recent murmurings from the White House signal the Israel-Palestine two-state solution is dead

Until recently for the international community, the concept had been the generally accepted way to begin resolving the 70-year conflict

Twice Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s smooth-talking son-in-law, has dodged questions as to whether their long-awaited peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian territories would include a two-state solution.

The so-called “deal of the century” would be delivered in June after Ramadan, he confirmed at a Times Live event.

“If people focus on the old traditional talking points we will never make progress,” he said.

“We have taken an unconventional approach, we have studied all the different past efforts and how they failed. We have tried to do it a little bit different,” he added

Until recently for most of the international community, the concept of a two-state solution had been the generally accepted way to begin resolving the 70-year conflict: the creation of two states, Israel and Palestine, with the borders that roughly follow the 1967 Green Line.

But since then, all the murmurings from the White House signal the two-state idea is dead.

At the same time, amid the scrum of an Israeli general election, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who later won the vote despite campaigning under the shadow of a corruption trial, was clearer on this point than ever. Along the campaign trail, he ruled out the possibility of Palestinian statehood and pledged to begin annexing illegal Israeli Jewish settlements that stretch deep into the West Bank. This would be illegal under international law.

He is expected to build a governing coalition of mostly religious and nationalist parties who also reject Palestinian independence.


A man from Gaza prays in the Al Aqsa compound

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  1. Actually a two state solution was never in Israel’s plan. They invented terms such as ‘peace process’ and ‘road map’ just to keep talking, while they create ‘facts on the ground’. Forget the two state solution. Aim for the one state solution. Start a media campaign that of course in this age of human rights all citizens need to have equal rights. Same amount per student for an Arab media school like for a Hebrew media school. Same quantity of water per person for an Arab neighbourhood as for the Hebrew neighbourhood. Surely equality for all is what life is in this modern age. Who can object?

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