FaceOf: Princess Sarah Al-Saud, director at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Updated 17 March 2019

Princess Sarah Al-Saud has been the director of maritime business development at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport since 2017.

Speaking at the Saudi Maritime Congress in Riyadh, Princess Sarah said that Saudi Arabia’s maritime sector was set to receive a much-needed boost, with the allocation of $8.8 billion to the energy, mining and logistics industries in the 2019 budget.

“In fact, the country is on an aggressive diversification path, with substantial government spending expected to (catalyze) Vision 2030 (reform plan) goals and drive sustainable growth and development,” she said.

Princess Sarah attained her bachelor’s in maritime transport and technology from the academy in Alexandria.

The Arab League operates the academy and runs programs in maritime transport, engineering and business.

She has contributed in various areas of cooperation between the Kingdom and maritime industry stakeholders in Arab countries, especially in the field of strategic planning.

Princess Sarah was appointed as the first UAE ambassador for the Women in Shipping and Trading Association because of her passion for empowering women in the maritime industry.


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