If Trump and his friends seriously cared about antisemitism, Ilhan Omar wouldn’t be their priority

Ilhan Omar was accused of being antisemitic for tweeting about AIPAC

Democrats and Republicans alike have seemed much more eager to make an issue of a progressive’s jokes about a well-funded right-wing lobby than any Republican or mainstream Democrat’s links to overt prejudice

Rafi Letzter
New York
The Independent Voices

Imagine a serious reckoning with antisemitism in American politics.

Fox News would stop inviting Sebastian Gorka, the Nazi-affiliated former aide to President Donald Trump, to appear on TV. Republicans would ask serious questions of house minority leader Kevin McCarthy. Remember when he warned Jewish billionaires would “buy” the upcoming election?

Democrats would call out Andrew Cuomo. The Democratic governor’s campaign lied to Jews, preying on concerns about left-wing antisemitism to secure his nomination. Steve Scalise, the house Republican whip who once called himself “David Duke without the baggage,” might struggle to keep his leadership position.

Next, Congress would demand Trump apologise for saying there were “very fine people on both sides” of a murderous Nazi rally in 2017. The violent antisemitic right is surging. Legislators in both parties could at least insist that good people do not chant “Jews will not replace us”. Politicians would condemn not only the man who shot up the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, but the specific, mainstream Republican ideas about shadowy Jews and immigration that motivated his actions.



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