Two years of Trump’s anti-immigration tactics have put marginalised groups in peril – another couple will create complete devastation

On the anniversary of his inauguration, it’s clear that as long as the current president is in charge, things are going to be scary for brown people, LGBT+ people, religious minorities and women

Carli Pierson
The Independent Voices

It’s been two long years since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Since January 2017 when the 45th president took office, people in the US and the international community have watched this administration’s backtracking on civil human and rights, and international law, as well as a deadly polarisation of US society and the emboldening of white supremacist groups and their anti-immigration agendas, spurred on by implicit and explicit support from the White House.

Trump ran for office on a hardcore populist, racist, anti-immigration platform that his base feverishly supported with their torches in hand. Blaming Muslims and Mexicans for white America’s problems resonated with millions of people – to the shame, shock and terror of many other Americans like myself.

Trump tapped deep into the fears and hatred of angry white people; he told them who to blame for their woes. And his base was quick to accept his proposed solutions. Cages, walls and religious-based bans all sounded like great ideas to Republicans and Trump supporters. Sounds a lot like the beginnings of Nazi Germany to me.


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  1. The danger is even bigger. He would not be the first President to start a war just to put up his ‘ratings’.

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