Why the BuzzFeed Trump-Cohen story could be the most damning to date

Source: Huffington Post

By Aaron Blake

Predicting President Trump’s imminent demise has made fools of people since the moment he launched his presidential campaign. But the latest blockbuster story about the Russia investigation is different.

If Robert S. Mueller III has the evidence he reportedly has — that Trump asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress for him — it could present something that’s been missing thus far from the public domain: an event so cut-and-dried that even Republicans would be hard-pressed not to consider impeachment.

BuzzFeed News broke the story Thursday night about the alleged Trump request. The lie Cohen told is the one he has pleaded guilty to: about when efforts to secure a Trump Tower Moscow concluded. BuzzFeed reports that not only did Cohen tell Mueller’s team that Trump told him to lie, but that Mueller had evidence of this even before confronting Cohen.

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3 replies

  1. but still I am tired to read that ‘this is the end of Trump’. As mentioned in the article we have heard that before. Let’s just wait (patiently or impatiently) and see.

  2. During the Watergate scandal, it appeared for months — and even for years — that nothing would ever emerge that could possibly bring down President Richard Nixon.

    Until, suddenly, something did emerge — the tapes. And then Nixon’s seeming invulnerability rapidly gave way to a new reality in which his downfall appeared inevitable.

    Such is sometimes the narrative arc of major scandals. It should be said that right now, it’s very possible that President Trump will survive his legal travails. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III may find criminal conduct but decline to indict; or he may find damning misconduct but nothing illegal; and in either of those cases, any impeachment effort could end up foundering amid the skittishness of House Democrats or, if not, crashing against the wall of the GOP Senate. In these scenarios, Trump could easily get reelected.


    • and then the question would arise whether the Evangelical Christian Pence would be any better ? Let’s see …

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