‘If you enter a camp, you never come out’: inside China’s war on Islam

3791Source: The Guardian

In Hotan, documents show officials are expanding detention camps and increasing surveillance

by  in Luopu

The Luopu County No 1 Vocational Skills Training Centre is hard to miss. It emerges suddenly, a huge campus towering over hectares of farmland.

Outside the compound, surrounded by tall white concrete walls lined with barbed wire and surveillance cameras, a police car patrols while several guards carrying long batons stand watch. The centre, which straddles a highway, is bigger than most of the surrounding villages – about 170,000sq metres. A banner on one building says: “Safeguard ethnic unity.”

Half a dozen people stand on the roadside, staring at the buildings. No one is willing to say exactly what this prison-like facility is or why they are waiting on its perimeter.

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  1. After some exchange writing with Chinese networks, I would like to add something to this. A lot of what we are hearing about China is overinflated.

    It is true they have a kind of “seperation” of Uyghurs from the rest of China. Xinjiang has always been like this. However, they’ve been allowed free navigation for over 1300 years.

    In this day, the crackdowns aren’t necessarily on Islam, but the Western province itself. The state of Tajikistan/Tuvan is a short trek from Afghanistan, where many IS militants have been found to travel through these borders. In 2011, Xinjiang experienced growing terrorist activity against secular Chinese, Buddhists and others. The US is said to be funding the IS, so China has ramped up these security measures to prevent terrorists from entering.

    The largest issue I see with their system is it assumes that all IS sympathizers are Muslim and not potentially some other faith, or irreligious. The implications for all Muslims in China is somewhat upsetting, but China’s “war on Islam” is just as much a war on religion in general as it is a border crackdown.

  2. For Chiness Muslim have no many choices, Allah day in Al Quran and Bible:

    All Muslim havd to obey the existing authority, because there is no the existing authority without Allah’s permision. If you reject the existing authority you reject Allah, you will be persecuted.

    Please obey Chines authority, if you cannot you have to find other countries where you can be accepted— like Ahmadiyyah Muslim did 100 yesrs ago from India.

    Pray to Allah and be patience
    All 🙏

    • Yes, everyone should obey their national government, BUT … that is short of telling us not to observe our religion. The rule that we should pray is higher than the order to obey the government (for instance). My opinion.

  3. Rafiq, what is your choice if there is a choice between to be killed or leave your religion?

    Is a life more value than religion or vice versa.

    All ❤️

    • difficult question. Because no one can force our thoughts, they might be able to force our practice but not what is in our heart. ‘Thoughts are free’. Consequently no one can actually force us to abandon our religion.

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