Canada does not have a refugee crisis


Zool Suleman: Asylum in Canada explained
by ismailimail

Posted on
December 27, 2018

“Canada doesn’t have a refugee crisis. Canada has a crisis of will in terms of what we want to do,” says refugee and immigration lawyer Zool Suleman about the influx of people crossing the American border to seek asylum in Canada.

The country’s budget watchdog has now confirmed the federal cost of asylum seekers making irregular crossings and warned of a growing refugee claimant case backlog. But what does that really mean?

Today on Front Burner, we shed some light on a confusing system and an issue that’s often clouded by rhetoric.
Zool Suleman, QC, the founder of Suleman & Co., is a graduate of Dalhousie Law School (1989) and served as a Law Clerk at the Federal Court of Canada (Appeal Division) in 1990-91. He articled with a national law firm before establishing his own firm (1992).
Mr. Suleman is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Canadian Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. He has extensive experience in Canadian immigration law matters and restricts his practice to this area of law.

source and more:

Zool Suleman: Asylum in Canada explained

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