Derby radio station fined £10,000 for broadcasting hate speech against Ahmadiyya Muslims

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Source: Derby Telegraph

By Christopher Harper


A Derby-based radio station has been fined £10,000 for broadcasting hate speech.

Radio Ikhlas, which operates from premises in Lower Dale Road, Normanton, was found to have published “hatred” towards the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

Following an Ofcom investigation, which concluded in March, the regulator has this week announced its decision to fine the station.

The broadcast took place on September 7, 2017.

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10 replies

  1. Not only Pakistan but All countries in the World should take such steps towards those who spread hatred & help those who try to Work for compassionate living.

  2. I am proud to see this. It is not just Ahmadi Muslims that face discrimination but many others as well. It’s important to be kind and respectful to everyone no matter where they come from or what their religion is. This radio station being fined is what will make a change and allow people to know what they did was wrong. LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE.

  3. They took the right action, there should not be any hatred or hate speech towards any community. It is horrible that such an event occurred and I hope that we continue to create peace in this world.

  4. If Governments want peace and harmony in their countries, Steps should be done like that.
    Wake up Pakistan!

  5. Hatred only makes people become further. We should always try to express our views respectfully and try to promote peace. This was a necessary action

  6. It is the sad truth, but unfortunately hate speech is something that has become common. It was absolutely necessary for this action to be carried out. Hopefully, in the future everyone is able to promote peace, love and harmony. We should converse in a respectul way.

  7. I am pleased to see that this Radio Station has been fined for such a hateful speech. This step will make a positive change Inshaallah. We all should be respectful to everyone, no matter from where they are and what is their Religion.
    Love for all haterd for none

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