Talk in the 5th Quran and Science Conference: Human soul and the holy Quran

Human soul and the holy Quran starts around 2 hours and 34 minutes mark

Presenter Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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The program of the whole conference is below:



Artist’s rendering of mind body question.  The Muslim Times has the best collection on Religion & Science

7 replies

  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    I viewed the video. I have the following 3 comments:

    1, I am sad with Muslims at large but happy with Ahmadiya Muslims that Ahmadiya Muslims are only Muslims who recognize the importance science and Islam. I believe that the Qur’an and the universe are twin manifestations of Allah Subhanathala. The Qur’an is the book in human vernacular while the universe is a book in material medium. So, a parallel study of both books is an absolutely necessity to grasp the true message of God. 

    2. One of speaker states that bacteria is Jinn. I disagree, The Qur’an states that “And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire.” that means creation of Jinn took place in a fire before carbon was created. Such state existed at Big Bang that created visible white matter and invisible dark matter. So, better explanation of the verse is that Jinn was created invisible dark matter that came out of the smokeless fire of Big Bang.

    3, I am disappointed with Ahmaddiya scientists that the center piece is still men, no women. Even the women spoke elegantly and scholarly were kept behind screen. I call this hypocrisy because all the women scholars spoke in the meeting work with openly intermingling with men and speak in scientific meetings without veil or gender separation.

    T.O. Shanavas 

    • you have a point there under 3. I think the separation of Ahmadi ladies and men in Ahmadi gatherings is a bit ‘overdone’, when the same ladies during their ‘day job’ mix with men all the time. Are we more dangerous species? In this connection: on Jalsa for instance I would like an ‘overview’ of the ladies side of the jalsa, just to show that there are equal number of ladies, or with children even more than men, attending the jalsa. ok, no need of ‘close-ups’ if that is disrespectful or not encouraged.

      • There is most likely and equal amount of ladies and children to men. The reason the ladies side is not shown to the men side because their heads are covered but they are not wearing their coats/burkas inside the hall listening to the jalsa. They are not in full purdah and this is why they are not shown.

  2. To observe pardah is the teaching of Quran Karim. So every Ahmadi woman has to observe pardah and are not allowed to mix freely withe men . At job this is not practicable for women to avoid men. They are helpless at job places as they have to earn livelihood.
    But where ever they can observe pardah they have to do under the ordain of holy Quran.

  3. I have one question. I agree that women should do parda or hijab. Question is that once a woman wears hijab, then why force her behind a wall. Why a hijab wearing woman cannot speak from the podium to a gathering of men?
    Also there is support in the Quran for hijab but which verse talks about segregation.?

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