Survey Finds That Religion is Becoming Less Meaningful in the Lives of Americans

Source: Friendly Atheist

What gives you meaning in life? What motivates you?

You might think, for religious people, faith would be high up on that list. For atheists, maybe family or work. A study just released by the Pew Research Center just confirmed those hunches while adding new data points suggesting religion is becoming less of a motivator for many Americans.

The researchers actually conducted two separate surveys. One was open-ended; they simply asked people what gave them meaning in life. The second survey provided participants with a list of possible options and asked if those things motivated them while also asking which of the items mattered the most.

Without any prompting, 69% of respondents said “family” gave them meaning in life. “Career” and “money” were next in line. But “faith”? Only 20% of Americans mentioned it on their own.

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