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Adrian Peterson walks out the shower and heads toward his locker. The residual excitement from the game hasn’t worn off. After his performance in Washington‘s Week 6 victory over the Carolina Panthers, his disposition is understandable, if admirable, considering the pain his body feels. When the adrenaline wanes, his body will continue to ache. That’s what playing through three injuries—shoulder, ankle and knee—can do.

He gets dressed without a hitch. The shoulder he dislocated and popped back into place during the previous game doesn’t hamper him much. Throughout the week, his wife Ashley massaged his shoulder in the middle of the night with her knuckles and elbows to keep the muscles loose. He’s still in pain, though it was hard to tell watching him on the field earlier.

“Mind over matter,” Peterson says.

His comeback has been one of the biggest surprises this season. He’s shown glimpses of what he once was, despite having to share the backfield. Peterson is seventh in the NFL with 723 rushing yards, carrying a Washington offense ranked 25th in total yards per game (331.5) and 27th in points per game (19.7).

Sure, Peterson lacks some of the physical attributes that made him All Day, but he still has the toughness, resilience. Determination. In some ways, the new AP looks like the old AP who rushed for 1,000-yard season after 1,000-yard season and an MVP effort in 2012, in which he came eight yards shy of tying Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record a year after reconstructive knee surgery.

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