This man is called Saddam Hussein and no one believes him

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Things can get a bit awkward for Saddam Hussein when he’s going for a job interview, making a restaurant reservation, or filling out forms.



On Facebook and most other social media Hussein goes by the name Saddamaddas Hussein to avoid mix-ups.
Writing on Quora, Hussein said he enjoys having a famous name:

I love to see people’s reaction when they know my name for the first time. Some of them laugh, get surprised or are just curious.
When I was a child, I sometimes got mad at my father because people always teased me because of my name.

But as I grew up, I began to realise that my name has always given me an advantage. My name helps people to remember me easily. It gives me more chances to make more friends.

indy100 has dropped Hussein a line to ask a few more questions. We’re thinking about asking to see his birth certificate but that seems a little OTT.

source:–bkgX2NOUzGbPicture: Saddam Hussein/Facebook
The young man has been aware of his infamous Iraqi name-twin since he was a child, and it’s caused a few double-take moments over the years:      from Indonesia…


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  1. I did not (yet) meet an Indonesian named Saddam Hussain, however, I did meet one named ‘Maududi’ … !!!

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