The recent buckling down of the state to mobs of the radical right is not the first time it has done so.

Source: Dawn

Supporters of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan gather before their leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi and the party’s patron-in-chief, Pir Afzal Qadri in Lahore | M. Arif/White Star


Buoyed perhaps by signs of cleavage between Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and its protectors, the government is trying to look brave after the event and separating dharna (sit-in) participants from arsonists and destroyers of property. It is also true that the concessions allowed to the agitators in the ceasefire document lack substance or are not feasible. Yet these factors cannot blur the reality that, through their latest dharna, conservative religio-political forces have tightened their siege of the state of Pakistan. And their next attempt to change the character of the state might be somewhat stronger.

This prognosis is based on the history of the various national governments’ acts of surrender under pressure from conservative political elements operating under religious banners and which have invariably whetted the latter’s appetite for more gains.


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  1. “This latest act of rebellion against the state has also revealed the politically motivated pseudo-religious elements’ tactics of nibbling at the state structure, institution by institution. After assaulting political parties, parliament and rights organisations, they have attacked the army and the judiciary, and the purpose obviously is to alienate the people from them”
    Correctly analysed and pointed out. This time the phenomenon has not even spared judiciary and army. But then one million dollar question ? What is the remedy. In 1953 force used but the problems remained. In 1974 claim made to have finally settled this long outstanding problem. But it kept on emerging again and again
    To me more education and reformation of masses has now become inevitable to openly discuss separation of religion and state as well religious based problems. Instead getting emotional or personal, open debates must be held on these subjects in cordial and conducive atmosphere. Experts from all sides be invited and people of Pakistan be given a chance to hear view point of all. State should show bold stand and allow the atmosphere to remain clam as done in Bengaladesh as well in India.

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