The Saudi predicament


According to conspiracy theorists, Bernard Lewis proposed that a Middle East strategy is being implemented with consistency and with surgical precision. Some analysts insist that the purpose of fragmenting the Arab world is solely to achieve the Zionist dream of Greater Israel, extending from the Euphrates to the Nile.

Sudan has been divided and southern Sudan is now an independent state. Syria and Iraq have been the target of for consistent destruction and may have been reduced to newly-born entities falling under the influence of foreign powers. There is no way that any of them will be in a position to stand up to Israeli transgression for a long time. 

Palestine as a potential independent viable state is being consistently and incessantly cornered and the hope of such an eventuality is fading into oblivion. Jordan, the loudest and most persistent voice supporting Palestinian aspirations for independence and dignity, is subjected to suffocating economic constrictor.

Egypt was neutralised and alienated from the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1979, after signing the Camp David peace treaty with Israel. Tasting serious challenges to economic growth, inflation as well as 100 million mouths to feed and threat of water shortages, Egypt is mainly focused on the livelihood of its people.

The death of Jamal Khashoggi has captured more attention than the whole Rohingya refugees, the misery of Somalia and the plight of Libya. The media could have chosen to suppress the whole issue, and would have reduced it to a fading event. Yet, they deliberately turned it into a constant news affair. This real-life series which became the 24/7 business of international news channels is meant to embarrass and corner the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

If the narrative we heard of the killing is true, it tells a very awkward and sloppily executed liquidation. The cover-up attempt also reveals a high degree of unprofessionalism. Yet, it remains true that this intensive media campaign is waged for non-humanitarian motives.

It is meant to embarrass both Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration. The fact that some Republican senators took a unified stance with the Democrat senators points to the pro-Israeli lobby in Washington, DC. These same senators were deeply divided along partisan lines over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.   

Saudi Arabia must come to grips with the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman are not the friends and allies they claim to be. If the current Likud government and its extremist cabinet partners agree on something, it probably would be the disruption and the partitioning of Saudi Arabia.

The New York Times, which is championing the attack on Saudi Arabia, published a map on September 28, 2013 showing five Arab countries divided into 14. Saudi Arabia was divided into North Arabia, Eastern Arabia, Western Arabia, South Arabia and Wahabistan.

The Saudis need to review their policies towards the Gulf states, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey and most importantly Yemen.




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  1. I suppose MbS does not have time to read this article … he must be a bit preoccupied at the moment reorganising his security …

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