China has just made it legal to isolate its Uighur Muslim minority from society for ‘re-education’



BY Gavin Fernando

THE CHINESE government has dropped a bombshell.

The country’s far-west Xinjiang has just revised its legislation to allow local governments to detain those it believes to be influenced by religious extremism.

The revised laws effectively give the government power to imprison people in propaganda camps for patriotic “re-education”.

The facilities have drawn an international outcry, with allegations of torture and authoritarian force used against the country’s minority one million Uighur Muslim population.

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  1. The Chinese Government is promoting the Uighurs seeking independence. If they would let them feel free and happy in China, they would not need to bother to ‘get out’ …

    George Freedman, in his book ‘the next century’, predicted China to break up (and not only the Muslim regions). Ah well, we shall see … (well, may be not me, but the next generation or so)

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