Indian Expat wins first prize in Qur’an memorization contest

Prince Mishaal Bin Majed, governor of Jeddah, presents Abdullah Abdul Mateen Usmani the key of the car he won as first prize in the Qur'an memorization contest. — Courtesy photo
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Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Abdullah Abdul Mateen Usmani, an Indian expatriate, has recently been declared winner of the annual Qur’an memorization contest organized by Jamia Tahfiz-ul-Quran Makkah region.

One thousand huffaz (memorizers of the Holy Qur’an) participated in the event with 13 of them scoring marks between 95 and 99. In the second competition that ensued Abdullah Abdul Mateen Usmani was declared the winner.

Prince Mishaal Bin Majed, governor of Jeddah, was the chief guest at the gala event with hundreds of senior officials, philanthropists and parents of the participants in attendance.

Prince Mishaal distributed prizes among the winners with first prize going to Hafiz Abdullah Abdul Mateen who was given a car.

Jamia Tahfiz-ul-Quran is an institution and center established for the students to memorize and recite Holy Qur’an.

The Jamia holds the competition every year to encourage students and other participants.

Hafiz Abdullah Abdul Mateen Usmani belongs to the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

The award winner’s father, Mateen Usmani, thanked Almighty Allah for the honor bestowed on his son and lauded the efforts of Jamia Tahfiz-ul-Quran in memorization and recitation of the Holy Qur’an.


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