‘Through Our Ignorance, We Are Branding Everything Concerning Islam As Anti-Women’

indiaspend.com: Mumbai: In July 2018, when the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) announced its intention to expand a little-known 25-year-old network of around 50 darul qazas (counselling centres based on the teachings of sharia or Islamic law) to every Indian district, right-wing Hindu commentators were outraged.

Meenakshi Lekhi, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member of parliament, felt the casting of sharia’s net into districts where its presence was not formerly felt amounted to an attempt at creating an “Islamic Republic of India”. Others said knee-jerk reactions failed to understand that verdicts given by these ‘courts’ are not legally binding but are advisory judgements that try to reduce the number of civil-court cases.

To dissect the uproar and shed light on the reality of how darul qazas operate, IndiaSpend spoke with Flavia Agnes, a leading women’s rights lawyer and co-founder of Majlis, a legal and cultural resource centre that campaigns for and provides legal representation to women and children.


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  1. But that has been evident since the very beginning of Islam (1500) years ago that Islam safeguards the rights of women. It protects them and gives them rights. It’s false propaganda, incompetence, incorrect media coverage, inconsistent and incoherent ideas, hidden agenda of other parties make it impossible for the world to see that Islam is Pro-women not Anti-women. But time will tell. And the life of the Hole Prophet (pbuh) is a testament to that.

    • One example of a absolutely normal Muslim lady: Once upon a time I visited Cairo. The friend of a friend wanted to introduce me to his mother. Apparently every Wednesday she received all her children for lunch. One of the sons was Head of the Public Transport System in Alexandria. He would always try to make his ‘Cairo appointments’ on Wednesday so that he would not disappoint his mother. Now: European / Western / Christian mothers: do you manage that? Or do you see your children on Christmas and Easter only?

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