Promoting Peace, the Brotherhood Alliance holds an Interfaith Faith Dialogue

PARTICIPANTS of the Interfaith Dialogue held by the Alliance of Brotherhood in the PPVG GBKP Hall, Kabanjahe, Wednesday (09/19/2018)., KABANJAHE - The Brotherhood Alliance held an Interfaith Dialogue in the PPVG GBKP Hall, Kabanjahe, Wednesday (09/19/2018). Dialogue with a friend "Tolerance for Peace (From the Perspectives of Various Religions)" this presents six speakers from various religions namely HE Bhante Dhirapunno (Buddha Therevada), Rev. Andri Setiapudji (Adventist Christian), Rev. Nicodemus Ginting (Adventist Christian), Pinandita M. Manogren (Hindu), Yulinda Lumban Gaol (YIPC), and Mln. Muhammad Idris (Ahmadiyya Islamic Community) The dialogue was immediately moderated by Aulia Rahman, Mpd from the Gusdurian Presidium of North Sumatra. The presence of more than 80 followers from various religions represented by the speakers added to the excitement of this interfaith dialogue event.
In his remarks, the Chairperson of the Committee, Hasmar Siregar said, the Alliance of Brotherhood of the People initiated this event with the aim of grounding the values ​​of tolerance for the realization of peace and harmony between religious communities. "It is hoped that a dialogue like this can be developed so that cooperation between religious communities for the benefit of humanity can also be realized," he said.
Bhante Dhirapunno began his presentation by saying that the values ​​of tolerance were not new in the archipelago. For example Mpu Tantular has introduced this tolerance to the wider community. Buddhism which emphasizes compassion also encourages followers to develop tolerant attitudes towards the different. "Different is a necessity but must be addressed with tolerance and mutual respect for each other," he said.
(sorry, google translate being used).

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