The poor need sacrifice of everyone


It is, once again, the time to celebrate Eid Al Adha, which literally means the feast of “sacrifice”. This is the occasion when faithfuls slaughter sheep or cattle to commemorate the eid as a way to symbolise their conviction and practice of sacrificing their own needs for the sake of the needy.

The local authorities have designated certain areas for slaughtering animals for the occasion for hygienic reasons. Some people still do not abide by municipal regulations and tend to “kill” their own sheep anywhere they chose. When this happens the place of slaughter becomes an unsightly scene.

The bigger picture of sacrifice must not be forgotten by worshippers. Sacrifice in the literal sense is not what the occasion calls for. The real meaning behind Eid Al Adha is for man to “sacrifice” in the figurative and broader sense for the sake of the needy. To “sacrifice” means a lot more than sharing meat with the poor and the hungry. Besides, the poor need more than meat for a couple of days. The poor need the “sacrifice” of all shareholders, especially the government, to create job opportunities for them in order to have a permanent roof over their heads and their loved ones, and a steady income that is adequate and sufficient to sustain them for weeks if not months and years.

Sacrifice also has a spiritual meaning. Cleansing one’s soul and praying to God Almighty are also part of enjoying the four-day holiday. Otherwise, Muslims would be missing the point and “sacrifice” would lose its full and inner meaning.

We take this occasion also to wish our readers a happy and enjoyable holiday. And please drive safely! Let us not turn a holiday into a mourning occasion, when people lose their lives or their loved ones


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