Saudi Arabia beheads female activist in public: Report

Source: Press TV

TEHRAN, August 19 – Saudi Arabian sources are reporting public beheading of a female activist, who had spent three years in detention for criticizing the kingdom’s rulers.

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) – The Thefreethoughts Twitter account and other Saudi sources said the female, named as Esra al-Ghamgam, was executed on the prosecutor’s orders on Sunday.

It shared a video showing an executioner fixing her in a recumbent position on the ground before decapitating her with a sword as security forces stood by.

Ghamgham was detained alongside her husband Seyyed Musa Ja’afar Hashem during a security raid on their house in the mainly Shia region of Qatif in Eastern Province on December 8, 2015.

Citing the Twitter account, London-based al-Quds al-Arabinewspaper reported earlier that her detention had come in response to her “anti-establishment” activities.

It said the activist used to take part in peaceful protests in the region in support of democracy and release of political prisoners.

The kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has been trying to portray himself as the champion of social reformation and a liberalizing figure.

Back in May, he lifted the kingdom’s ban on female driving but shortly before it, Saudi security forces went on an arrest spree of female activists, including some of the people who had supported the removal of the ban.

The campaigners are reportedly still behind bars, with both the arrests and continued detentions drawing outspoken criticism from international rights groups.


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The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s note

We cannot independently verify the accuracy of this news.  But, we do believe that in the context of the Yemen war such news are not improbable.

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    KSA is the main root of conflict in the world to day, specially in Middle East.

    There is no peace in this world specially in Middle East between Palestine and Israel and between KSA and Iran.

    If KSA and IRAN obey Human Right, Women’s Right, equality and justice for all, and freefom of religion and expression, I strongly belueve that the permanent peace can be achieved easily just like Europe countries—-

    As long as US and UK are still supporting KSA because of Oil or money, The international women activities effort is useless indeed. They havd trying to demand KSA to obey Human Right for few decades, no good result—

    I think International womens right should demand US and UK , NOT to support KSA instead.

    US and UK are also the main root of problem, both countries cannot
    interfere KSA policy. Actually both can do it, but they are relactant to do so because of oil, money and not interference.

    All things are under God’s permition. Let us see what will happen in future. Is KSA in the right way or wrong way.

    All love ❤️
    KSA authority stick on its policy, no freedom of religion and expression. Similarly TMT authority put all comments in awaiting moderation for censorship. Both are hypocrite indeed.

  2. Nothing new from a despicable regime. Where is the outrage in Washington and elsewhere? Where are the sanctions? Oh wait, they are too busy sanctioning Russia.

    • KSA has the power to protect their policy namely Oil money.
      US and UK need billion from KSA to create Jobs for young people.

      That is a big problem in the world now.
      Who can speak up loudly to demand KSA to obey Human Right and women’s Right? Except Canada’s leader.

      He is a true leader, others are hypocrites. Very sad indeed
      Wait and see what is the God’s plan to the world now.

      All love ❤️

  3. If the news is true, it is very barbaric act of a country in killing a helpless woman. Shame on the ececutors and the rule of law being followed.

  4. It has not been done yet, most news new agencies are reporting that it is still in the works and being meticulously and carefully planned. But shame on country like this to carry out something so barbaric to carry humanity into the Stone Age darkness from where the Holy Prophet Mohammed carried us out from 1600 years ago. This is beyond unacceptable, this is beyond wrong, this is pure Evil.

  5. Just purely disgusted by this “Muslim” country. They should honestly not even claim themselves to be one anymore with such barbaric rules. Is this what the prophet taught them? He gave women rights when no one else would and you claim to love him?

    • There are 2 groups in all religions

      1. First group — the conservative group reject to reform or to update the old laws. They believe that God’s laws can be applied forever until the end of the world. That is why we see to day KSA, IRAN are showing a barbaric rules

      2. Second group is Progressive Who want to reform and change the old laws and fit to modren time

      Shariah law at 15 Centuries ago should be updated / Reformed.
      Mr. Erdogan, President Turkey say;
      “Islam is needed an update and accordingly updated. You can’t apply the practices applied 15 centuries ago today. Islam changes and adapts to the condition of different ages. This is the beauty of Islam”.

      I.ev—The piety of some is telling them to make the fast 22 hours, may be they can take it, but they are making Islam impractical for many others. What would their opinion be when the fast comes around in winter and then there is a two hour fast? Would that be a joke?

      It is time for the progressive scholars to lead the way and lay out a clear alternative for all the Muslims
      Islam is a Religion of Progressive.

      There is a Islamic group— Ismaili Islam who has modrenize the old Islamic laws.
      For futher Google

      I urge the young Muslim around the world to learn Ismaili Islam in deepth , hopefully you will be inspired, insya Allah
      All love ❤️

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