Lombok earthquake: small private efforts

Of course we cannot wait for ‘officials’ or ‘others’ to assist and have to do what ever we can.

With small amounts available my wife for instance checked with the ‘Headman’ of the village what was needed most. He answered ‘food’. consequently my wife went to the market and bought as much rice, noodles, eggs, cooking oil and water and distributed it to our neighbors. Next day she repeated the same in the next village and again the next.

Hopefully funds will keep coming from friends and relatives so that help can continue.

AND …  we did not yet think of RECONSTRUCTION.

May Allah enable us to keep helping.




2 replies

  1. I have to admit that at the UN Migration Agency in Iraq I noticed that often what we (and other agencies) distributed was not really needed. With small private efforts we can ask first what is needed and therefore the correct thing reaches the correct people.

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