Exclusive: Blackwater founder’s plan to privatise America’s $76bn, 17-year war in Afghanistan

​Donald Trump is expected to ask European countries at this week’s Nato summit, one of the most crucial and contentious in the history of the alliance, to step up and contribute more troops for the war in Afghanistan.

Other member states, already facing an onslaught from the US president over their shortfalls in defence spending, and facing the threat of funding cuts, are likely to acquiesce. Britain, for example, is expected to double the size of its force to just over 1,200.

But Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, probably the most well-known private security company in the world, is adamant that increasing troops in Afghanistan is the worst thing the United State’s allies can do.

“It will be reinforcing a strategy which is a failure – something which has not worked, will not work and needlessly cost lives,” he wanted to stress.

The billionaire, who currently heads a private equity firm, has his own plans for turning around the Afghan war – one which he described to The Independent. 

“What Mr Trump really should be saying to Nato is that there is no point in sending more troops: they should be sending money instead.



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  1. What is the difference: Just like the ‘governmental armies’ the private armies will also ensure that the wars continue as long as possible, so that they can keep on billing …

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