Of pirs, goats and kaali daal: Pakistani leaders and their superstitious ways

Source; Dawn News

BY Ali Osman

Pakistanis are a superstitious lot. It is easier for us to blame our own mistakes, lack of vision or just poor risk perception on evil eyes, bad omens or anything else that suits our fancy. The important thing to remember is, it is never we, who are at fault. And why would we ever be at fault? Superstitions trumps logic any day!


It is our good fortune that it is not just the average citizen that hold such beliefs, even our politicians and heads of state believe in bad omens, evil eyes and jinxes. I mean, since they are leading our great and glorious nation on a path of progress and prosperity, they would know better right?

Our former president, who has the distinct honour of having his party’s democratically elected government complete its full term, the first in our history, weathered every storm by sacrificing a goat every day. Every day of the year, for years.

If goats had the same rights that some humans do in this country, they would be out on the streets everyday protesting against the genocide. Good thing most people and goats don’t have rights.

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