Austria closes seven mosques and expels 60 Imams


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced June 8 that seven mosques in his country will be shuttered and up to 40 imams expelled. 

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has promised a crackdown on radical Islam. On Friday, he announced that his government would shut down seven mosques and could expel dozens of foreign-funded imams from the country.

At least one of the mosques the government will close is said to be linked to Turkish nationalists, and the six others are run by a group called the Arab Religious Community.

“This is just the beginning,” far-right Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache said at a news conference Friday. The move invokes a 2015 law banning religious groups from getting foreign funding, and the government suspects that as many as 60 imams may need to leave the country.

More than 600,000 Muslims live in Austria, which is home to almost 9 million people. Many of them are of Turkish descent.

The current conservative coalition government in Austria gained support as refugees and migrants have poured into Europe in recent years. The government has since promised to restrict immigration into the country.

Turkish government spokesman Ibrahim Kalin responded to the government’s announcement Friday and on Twitter accused Austrian leaders of “ideologically charged practices” that he said are “in violation of universal legal principles, social integration policies, minority rights and the ethics of coexistence.”

The move was “a reflection of the Islamophobic, racist and discriminatory wave in this country,” Kalin said.

But Kurz’s government insists that the move is intended to protect Austria from radical religious extremism.

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  1. It has been long due. Why would a country host criminal organizations aiming at the destruction of the host country? It is about time that all Western countries do the same. And when Saudi Arabia allows to build a church and a Jewish temple, then civil conversations can begin. Long Live Austria and hats are off for its courage and decency.

    • I think the correct wording would be ‘political organizations’ and not necessarily ‘criminal ones’. The mosques being closed are mostly connected to the Turkish Government I think.

  2. Editor: cut … repetitions.

    For all TMT readers—Ramadhan Mubarak—I wish you all Happy Idul Fitry 1439H, please Forgive me for my mistake I have done and my shortcoming. Thank you.

    All our love ❤️❤️❤️

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