Trump-Kim summit: president says US ‘will be stopping the war games’ – live

Donald Trump offers Kim Jong-un security guarantees in document signed by the two leaders


Moment Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump share historic handshake – video

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  1. From my view of Trump. He is a smart bussiness man and smart too as President. Our prophet Muhammad also was a smart and successeful bussiness man he was a richest in his time, he was a honest trader. He was also a president ( leader) of Arab people.

    Allah has allowed Trump as a world leder, he want to make peace with his smart way. 5 previos president failed to make peace with Enemy NKorea. It seems Trump will be a successeful president in our time. Many the world leaders are against Trump policy like: Tax, Jerusalem, trade with US ally, immigration, ban Muslim, and policy with Iran and Saudi.

    Less one years Trump succeed to create thousand jobs and decrease unemployment rate to less 4 percent. Excellent job.

    Trump want make peemanent peace with NKorea, Palestine—Israel and Saudi and Iran.

    Trump want to defeat the extremist Muslim who has caused tens thousand life and million Muslim are suffering and thousand cities have been destroyed.

    Hopefully Allah will guide Trump to achieve his goal for humanity.

    Ahmadiyyah should support and pray for Trump who has being nice to Ahmadiyyah who live in US.

    All love ❤️

    • All initiatives came from Kim, Trump just ‘responded’, yes at least he responded, well done, so far …

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