Ahmadiyya Women Association of Canada Shares their Ramadan Experience with fellow Canadians

By Tahira Chaudhry

Fasting is a universal form of worship which is prescribed in most of the religions. Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity-all have fasting as a religious in one form or other. In Islam, fasting is a core tenet.

Fast with Muslims is Ahmadiyya jama’at Canada’s campaign to bring communities together at Iftar dinner and share the experience of Ramadan with fellow Canadians.

With the collective effort of four local chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association, an event was arranged in Tahir Hall Community Centre on 1st of June 2018, Friday. Our Christians, Sikh and Hindu friends along with a bunch of councillors graced the event. One of the attendee was a registered Christian who was taking the challenge to fast with Muslims.


Program started with dars (daily lecture on how to reform ourselves in Ramadan and understand Quranic verses). Topic of dars according to the event was Concept of Fasting. After question answer session at the end, everyone headed towards the adjacent Baitul Islam mosque to break fast and offer maghreb, Islamic prayer at sunset. Dates and water was being handed out at the entrance and everyone sat quietly waiting for Azhan- call to prayer. Christian, Sikh and Hindu friends of ours sat behind in glass area to witness Muslims ladies and children prostrating and bowing before their Allah. At the end of program a Sikh friend commented that she was most impressed by this prayer.

Dinner was ready at tables by this time. Everyone sat with happy faces, talking to their friends. It was an impressive sight to see.


Such events will certainly dispel misconceptions and bring various communities closer. It will further enhance the multicultural fabric of Canada.



Want to take the challenge? <http://www.fastwithmuslims.com/&gt;

Learn More http://www.ahmadiyya.ca/public/fastwithmuslims





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