Quebec Mosque Shooter Was Consumed by Refugees, Trump and Far Right

Source: The New York Times

 Evening prayer at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City last week, a little more than a year after Alexandre Bissonnette killed six people there. CreditRenaud Philippe for The New York Times. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles for counter terrorism. 

QUEBEC — When Alexandre Bissonnette learned of Justin Trudeau’s now-famous tweet welcoming refugees to Canada, the waif-like 28-year-old political science student told police that he snapped.

Just hours after watching a television report suggesting Canada would accept immigrants spurned by President Trump, Mr. Bissonnette packed his Glock handgun and rifle, picked up a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, and trudged the snow-covered streets of Quebec to a nearby Islamic Cultural Center.

As 53 men were finishing evening prayers, he unloaded 48 rounds. Six people were killed — several of them by shots to the head — and 19 were injured, one paralyzed for life.

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