Islamic Scholars To Meet In July On Afghan War


HPC says Islamic scholars will come together in Jeddah in July and will announce a joint statement on the ongoing war in Afghanistan. 


Saudi Arabia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will hold a meeting of Islamic scholars in Jeddah in July to discuss the Afghan war, the High Peace Council (HPC) said Friday. 

The council said the scholars will express their views on ‘illegality of Afghanistan war’.

Head of the High Peace Council’s secretariat, Akram Khpolwak, has discussed ways to end the Afghan war in a meeting with OIC members and Saudi Arabia officials this week, said Ehsanullah Tahiri, spokesman of the council.

“All scholars from the Muslim countries should attend the meeting and assess the Afghan war and bloodshed from religious point of view,” Taherisaid.

A lawmaker said Islamic scholars can play a significant role in finding a solution to the crisis in Afghanistan.

“Muslim countries can have influence on the groups fighting against Afghanistan government,” said Qazi Abdul Rahim, an MP.

Qarib Sadat, member of High Peace Council, said they have tried a lot to the bring Taliban leadership to negotiation table, but some intelligence circles of the neighboring countries send weapons to the militants in Afghanistan and prevent them from joining the peace process.

“When we provide the context for peace, the countries which interfere in Afghanistan and their intelligence expand the conflict to draw the attention of government from concentrating on peace,” said Sadat.

The HPC spokesman said Khpolwak will leave Saudi Arabia for Indonesia where he will discuss the organizing of a meeting of Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan religious scholars in Jakarta.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    There is no permanet peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yamen, snd others as long as Saudi Arabia do not obey Human Right, equality Right, and justice for all.

    So, the fruit of decades of hate teaching, judging, accusing, imposing their belief to others is coming to the fruition, bring the nightmare civil war like in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Sudan etc. Millions Muslim have been suffering, homeless and thousands innocent people,children,women, their brothers, mother and their father died. The Arab scene is now a disgrace. Whereas Islam and prophet was born in Arab country.  Nauzubillah.

    We have to admit that the extremist scholar’s interpretation created violence, discrimination, oppression, injustice, and poverty.
    We, educated Muslim who live in 21st century, have to correct or to reform the extremist’s interpretation of Islam, if we want to show and prove that Islam is Religion of Peace, love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, equality, justice for all, prosperity, and bring mercy to all mankind. QS 21;107.Islam is a great religion again! Let us do together!
    Was Salam and with love ❤️

    • The only correct answer to these ‘rumblings’ of Somi is to quote again the now disgraced Dr. Tariq Ramadan, when he said ‘We are being destabalized because we are destabalizable just as we were colonialized because we were colonizable’. Yes, there are faults in these countries, however, to ignore the destabalizing efforts of mainly the USA (and their obedient ‘coalition’) is just plainly and totally wrong.

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