What causes us to get hangry?

Source: BBC News

By Sarah Keating

This story is from an episode of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4. It was presented by Jane Garvey and produced by Rory Galloway. To listen to more episodes of Woman’s Hour please click here. Adapted by Sarah Keating.

Two weeks into a low-carbohydrate diet, comedian Jess Fostekew got “hangry”.


“I had a terrible, terrible road rage incident,” she remembers. “The car behind me, which happened to be full of large men, bibbed me for not having gone through a light quickly enough.” After getting out of her car and challenging them to a fight, only to be greeted with laughter, she got back in her car and drove.

“I pulled over and I sobbed – rageful sobs – and then vowed to never ever give up carbs again.”

“We’ve long recognised that hunger leads to irritability in science,” says Sophie Medlin, lecturer in nutrition and dietetics from Kings College London. “But the wonderful world of social media has merged the two words for us and now we know it as ‘hanger’.

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