Where 8-Year-Old Was Raped and Killed, Hindus Rally Around Suspects

Source: The New York Times

RASANA, Jammu and Kashmir — There was no empathy for the 8-year-old girl. It was as if she barely registered as a human being, as if her life didn’t count except to serve as a target.


Police investigators say a gang of young Hindu men chose her specifically to send a message that would terrorize her community of Muslim nomads. They stand accused of calculatedly kidnapping her from a meadow, stuffing drugs down her throat and locking her up for three days in a temple, where they beat her, raped her and eventually strangled her. She stood three and a half feet tall, completely defenseless.

While protests of outrage have erupted in cities across India, and even internationally, here in Rasana, the village in Jammu and Kashmir State where the girl was killed in January, the mood is different.

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