Day: April 23, 2018

USA: 2 year old accidentally shot dead by mom

By Mary Papenfuss “She’s gone. My baby’s gone.” OHIO> A gun being handled by a young mother in a town outside Cleveland accidentally discharged, sending a bullet into her two-year-old daughter’s chest and killing her, police said Saturday. The mother, who investigators did not identify, owned the weapon legally and had a […]

How Islamic does Brunei want to be?

Source: Asis Times: Though no organized opposition group has ever openly challenged the state’s religious stance, some observers believe the laws aim to placate Islamists who may otherwise be put off by the monarchy’s ostentatious displays of wealth. Some analysts regard Brunei’s adoption of sharia law as a bid to […]

The slippery slope of intolerance

Source: DT Bangladesh is not and cannot be allowed to be a land of persecution. To that end, the recent anti-Ahmadiyya rally organized by Islamist group Khatme Nobuat is a dangerously regressive development, that should be cause for serious concern. This is not the first time, unfortunately, that Bangladesh has […]